Christmas Decorations

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In the past, Christmas decorations were put up on Christmas Eve. Nowadays, there’s hardly anyone that waits that long to start dressing up the house.

Although the Christmas tree is one of the most loved and universally recognised symbols, there are various other decorations that have earned their place in our households. The religious icon of Baby Jesus is one of them. Either as part of the nativity crib or set as a figurine on its own decorated with fairy lights and canary seed, this icon features greatly in most Christian places. On the other hand, the crib, ranging from the home made to the life-size, can be found on window sills or embellishing halls. The star of Bethlehem is also widely noticeable during this month. The Star typically adorns Christmas tree tops or window panes. You can find it as part of fairy light sets or as window stickers. Businesses have found countless ways into which such icons can be turned into sales.

There are various other non-religious icons that by time have become just as popular as their religious counterparts. A case in point is Santa Claus or ‘Father Christmas’. You can see him on cards, as a figurine, cushion, sticker, soft toy and even as a scented candle! Similarly bells, snowflakes, snowmen, icicles, robins and penguins in all forms and sizes have become decorations. For this period, some people even use festive dinner sets, salt and pepper Santa Claus and Christmassy table cloths and furnishings.

Many people decorate using the traditional Christmas colours which are pine green, white and red. However, through the years metallic colours such as gold and silver have also gained popularity. Decorations are made from coloured paper, foil, even ceramic. Some hang in hallways, others adorn shelves. There are garlands hanging on front doors and lights decorating balconies, porches and windows. Plants such as the poinsettia, holly, red berries and mistletoe are also used as decorations.

Whatever the decorating style, you can’t help but feel the anticipation to the holiday season building up the minute the first fairy light is switched on…

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