Christmas Crafts

For people who love adding their personal touch to gifts and decorations, Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to put all creative juices to play!

There are many Christmas crafts – from the most simple to the quite elaborate. The various craft shops and online resources have made it much easier to try your hand at these crafts. It is also a good way how to get children involved. There are many crafts specifically aimed at children. Even if it’s not aimed at kids, under adult supervision, they can help with getting the creations ready and seeing something created from scratch.

However, as with all crafts, time is what is first and foremost required. Even the most simple need time and patience. Unfortunately, with the ready available decorations, few turn to crafts as they feel it is not worth the time and effort if it can be easily – and sometimes cheaply – bought.

Yet, for those who prefer doing things themselves, here are a few ideas that can be easily done. A wealth of information can be found online as to how to go about doing them. In the meantime, this can be enough to kick-start some Christmassy inspiration…

Gift-wrapping doesn’t have to be just a nice paper wrapped around a gift. Ribbons, fabrics, punched snowflakes, tissue paper, bells and strings can all be used to embellish that wrapping. Martha Stewart thought of 46 gift-wrapping ideas so there’s no limit to one’s imagination.

Gift tags and labels
Presents can be personalised by adding a handmade gift tag. The shape of a Christmas sock or tree can be easily taken from clip art libraries and then cut out of bright thick paper. Add to that ribbons or stickers and that gift tag can be made truly unique.

Handmade ornaments
From tree decorations to stand alone ornaments, there’s a lot that can be done if you get the right materials from craft shops. Stand-up snowmen can be made out of simple materials such as plastic foam balls, glitter, felt, glue and soda caps amongst others things one finds around the house.

The above aren’t even the tip of the iceberg. Just spending some time going through craft books or browsing the web can be pretty revealing. So, next time you’re at a Christmas shop think twice before buying as you might have more fun doing it yourself!

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